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5 Unique Attractions That You Need to Experience at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood’s Splash Country is ready to welcome back visitors with its incredible lineup of water slides, children’s play areas and other splashtacular adventures! You’ll not only find traditional water park favorites, such as a relaxing lazy river and massive wave pool, but a selection of one-of-a-kind attractions that truly set Splash Country apart from other water parks! Here are 5 unique attractions that you need to experience at Dollywood’s Splash Country:

1. Big Bear Plunge

The Big Bear Plunge is an extreme white water rafting adventure ride that takes you on a soaking journey through dark caverns with winding bends and steep drops, so hold on tight for this action packed expedition! The fun lasts right up until the end of the ride, where you crash through a wall of water right before sliding down the last drop! The Big Bear Plunge features large rafts so that you can ride together with your family and friends, and each tube can accommodate up to 4 guests!

2. RiverRush

water slide at Splash Country Another one of the unique attractions that you need to experience at Splash Country is RiverRush, Tennessee’s first water coaster! This jaw dropping ride combines the thrills of a roller coaster with a water slide to create an unforgettable adrenaline rush! You’ll race through the trees and encounter four drops along the 1,175 feet of track, as well as multiple hairpin turns and dark tunnels! The toboggan style rafts feature in-line seating for up to 4 people, so gather your friends together for a ride on this awesome water coaster!

3. TailSpin Racer

The TailSpin Racer is not just an action packed water slide, but it offers the exciting opportunity to race your family members to the bottom! The six lane racing slide stands 5 stories tall and is longer than a football field, complete with all kinds of wild twists and turns on the way down! Once getting to the top of the TailSpin Racer, pick your lane and spiral around to the finish line in a head-to-head race!

4. Fire Tower Falls

waterslide If you have some serious thrill seekers in your family, see if they have the courage to challenge Fire Tower Falls! This pair of twin free-fall slides are the tallest and fastest slides at Dollywood’s Splash Country, rising a full 70 feet into the air! Each of the slides propel riders on 280 foot tracks for their exhilarating journey, which concludes with a major splash along a 140 foot water filled lane!

5. SwiftWater Run

SwiftWater Run is a breathtaking bowl slide where a current sends you around in circles before sailing down an exit chute, so you’ll want to hold on tight to those handles! The first part of the slide starts like a normal raft ride, but you’ll instantly drop into the gigantic bowl to see how many times you can twist around before sliding out the exit! Choose a single tube to try this mind blowing slide on your own, or go for a double tube to ride with a friend!

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