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5 Reasons to Watch a Football Game in Our Gatlinburg Cabins With Theater Rooms

Nothing feels better than watching the “big game” with your closest friends and family. You get all dressed up in your favorite team’s gear and eat great game day food! We have the perfect place for you to spend a game day! Here are 5 reasons why you should watch your next football game in a Gatlinburg cabin with a theater room:

1. Big Screen

The theater rooms in Gatlinburg cabins have big screens. This means that you get to see the whole field while remaining in maximum comfort. The size of the screen also makes it easier to see every play — good or bad!

2. Comfy Seating

Theater seats in Smoky Mountain Vacation CabinThe theater rooms in our Gatlinburg cabins have comfy and spacious seating. You and your friends won’t have to cram together on a small couch or scramble to find extra seating. The theater room will be big enough to accommodate everyone! There will be plenty of room for people to stand up and cheer during the good plays or let their frustrations out in the midst of bad ones! You also don’t have to worry about spilling your drink as some of our theater seats have cup holders.

3. Good Sound System

A good sound system is important because everyone has to hear details of the game. It can be hard to hear when everyone is making comments about what is happening on screen! Our theater rooms have good sound systems, so you won’t have to keep turning up the volume! No more missing any important announcements from the announcers or the referee! You will be able to hear the game over any yelling or excitement.

4. Full Size Kitchen and Outdoor Grill

Smoky Mountain Vacation Cabin KitchenThe excitement of a football game can definitely make you work up an appetite. Luckily, our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms feature other great amenities that make it easy for you to whip up your favorite game day snack. For example, you can use the oven to make hot buffalo chicken dip. If you want more classic game day dishes, you can use the charcoal grill to make delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. If you plan on grilling out, you might want to do it before the game starts so that you don’t miss any important moments.

5. Hot Tub

Another notable amenity of our cabins with theater rooms is a hot tub. It is a great feature because the use of the hot tub is included with the price you pay for the cabin. Therefore, you have a free attraction that is just a few steps out the back door. After the game, you can celebrate the win of your favorite team by sitting in the hot tub and talking about your favorite moments. Even if the game did not turn out the way you would like, the warmth of the water and the hum of the jets are guaranteed to take your stress away!

Our Gatlinburg cabins with theater rooms have numerous amenities that make watching football games more fun no matter what the outcome is! Explore all of our Gatlinburg cabins and their amenities to pick the perfect one for all your game day festivities!