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inside a cave

5 Reasons You Will Want to Visit Forbidden Caverns in Tennessee

Do you know about the underground cave near the Great Smoky Mountains people love to visit? Forbidden Caverns in Tennessee is an attraction many people may have never heard of. It’s definitely a unique attraction in the Smokies your whole family will find fascinating. Look at these 5 reasons you will want to visit Forbidden Caverns in Tennessee:

1. Cool in the Summer

woman walking in a caveSince Forbidden Caverns is a huge cave, the temperature inside is significantly different than the temperature outside the cave. It usually stays around 58 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a comfortable environment, especially when the outdoor temperatures reach the upper 90s in the middle of summer.

2. Learn Local History

When you visit Forbidden Caverns, you’ll learn about the history of this cave. Eastern Woodland Native Americans used the caves in the winter for protection against harsh weather and as a source of water. This group of people probably used flint rock to make arrowheads. Later on in the 1920s to the 1940s, Forbidden Caverns was used as an area to make moonshine during Prohibition. It was the perfect location because of the constant water supply and isolated location. In the 1960s, Forbidden Caverns was turned into a local attraction. Learning all the history of the cavern and what it was used for is really cool!

3. See Inside a Cave

stalagmites and stalactites in a caveIf you’ve never seen the inside of a cave before, that’s a reason enough to visit Forbidden Caverns in Tennessee! You’ll love seeing all of the calcites, rare cave onyx, and dripstones. These natural formations are unlike anything else in the world. There are also plenty of stalagmites and stalactites. Seeing these formations reflected in the water is also really neat. You will even see a replica of an old moonshine still in the cave, so you can imagine what moonshiners did during the Prohibition.

4. Entertaining Tour

You will walk through Forbidden Caverns with a guide. This person is extremely intelligible when it comes to the history of the caverns. Not only will you get a ton of information from your guide, they will also entertain you throughout your tour! Plus, many of the formations are lit with colorful lights. You will also get to experience the tour with a stereophonic sound presentation. Not only will you enjoy walking through the caves and seeing the incredible sights, you will also love the tour itself since it’s so entertaining!

5. It’s Unique

shark teeth stalactites in a caveForbidden Caverns isn’t like any other attraction in the Smoky Mountains. It is a natural formation, which makes it unique. You probably can’t find other cavern attractions in this area. The fact that you can’t find other attractions like Forbidden Caverns makes it unique and a great destination when you want to do something off the beaten path and away from everyone else.

You definitely will want to visit Forbidden Caverns in Tennessee. It’s a hidden gem of attractions in the Great Smoky Mountains since it’s unlike many of the other attractions in the area. Book a cabin with us today, so you can plan your trip to Forbidden Caverns!