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doc collier distillery

Top 6 Distilleries in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge You Should Visit

The Smoky Mountains are known for having moonshine. There are several distilleries in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge you can visit and taste all kinds of moonshine for a small tasting fee of $5. Everyone who is 21 years old and up will have a great time trying these moonshines together. Here are the top 6 distilleries in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge you should visit:

1. Ole Smoky Moonshine

ole smoky moonshine the holler in gatlinburgThe most popular place to go moonshine tasting in the Smokies is Ole Smoky Moonshine. The Holler in Gatlinburg is the most famous, but there is a second location at The Island in Pigeon Forge. There are several tasting stations where you can interact with the employees and ask questions about the different flavors and processes of moonshine being made. At both locations, you might even catch a live concert throughout the year!

2. Doc Collier Moonshine

Doc Collier Moonshine is one of the distilleries in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge people enjoy visiting for moonshine tasting. This distillery was established to celebrate the history of the Collier family in the area. William “Doc” Collier was a local moonshiner in the area, and the spirits here are made with his recipe. You’ll find flavors such as Smoky Mountain Sunrise, Doc’s 125, and Blackberry.

3. Sugarlands Distillery

sugarland distillery gatlinburgSugarlands Distillery is another place people enjoy going to taste moonshine in Gatlinburg. They have just classic moonshine, as well as a ton of unique flavors such as maple bacon and peanut butter and jelly. This distillery also serves their signature whiskey. You can take tours of the facility, and there’s even a tasting bar where you can try signature cocktails made with their spirits.

4. Old Forge Distillery

A distillery in Pigeon Forge you will want to try is Old Forge Distillery. It is located in the heart of Old Mill Square. The grains used to make the moonshine are ground by the grist mill. You can visit the tasting bar any day of the week. Also, you won’t find just moonshine; Old Forge Distillery has vodka, rum, and bourbon.

5. Junction 35

junction 35Junction 35 is one of the newer distilleries in the area. It is located at the Tower Shops at the Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge. The spirits they make and sell include bourbon, rye whiskey, moonshine, vodka, gin, and rum. You can taste various flavors at their tasting bar, or you can head over to their kitchen and bar to grab some food and drinks. They have all kinds of cocktails to try, as well as delicious snacks and meals you’ll want to experience!

6. Tennessee Shine Co

Another distillery in Pigeon Forge you should go to is Tennessee Shine Co. You can tour their facilities to see how their moonshine is made every step of the way. Tennessee Shine Co has classic flavors, such as blackberry, peach, and cherry. More unique flavors they have include orange dreamsicle, pumpkin spice, and cotton candy.

These distilleries in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge will be so much fun to visit. You’ll find plenty of fun things to do when you come to the Smokies! Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Look through our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals and book one for your trip today!