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wild eagle roller coaster at dollywood

Top 5 Roller Coasters at Dollywood You Have to Ride

Do you love to feel the thrill of riding fast through the air, wind whipping your face? You must love riding roller coasters! When you visit Dollywood, you may wonder which rides you should try. We want to tell you about roller coasters at Dollywood! Check out these top 5 roller coasters at Dollywood:

1. Thunderhead

thunderhead roller coaster at dollywoodThe Thunderhead was the first roller coaster at Dollywood to be constructed of wood. It was one of the first roller coasters in the country to feature an in-station drive by. This roller coaster crosses under and over itself over 30 times throughout the ride. Once at the top, you’ll go down a 100-foot drop. You’ll be thrilled the entire ride, going up, down, and side to side the entire ride, not slowing down until you reach the end. Thunderhead is a favorite of many people who frequently visit Dollywood!

2. Wild Eagle

As one of the most exciting roller coasters at Dollywood, the Wild Eagle is a roller coaster you have to ride while you’re in the theme park. The train has large eagles and the seats are on the wings of these eagles, hanging over the sides of the track. Your feet will dangle from the seat, making you feel like you fly while you’re on the first wing coaster in America. Your heart will pound as you climb to 21 stories, or 210 feet, to the top of the drop. You’ll then fall 135 feet down, then roll, tuck, and go into loops. With nothing but air above and below you, this is the ultimate thrill ride at Dollywood!

3. Mystery Mine

mystery mine roller coaster at dollwoodYou’ll be taken through an abandoned mining company when you ride Mystery Mine. You might get the creeps, but you’ll have fun along the way! As soon as you get in the car, you’ll feel thrilled immediately since there’s a drop right at the beginning of the ride. Everyone will enjoy climbing almost straight up and dropping straight down. You might even find a surprise before the final drop! Before you come back into the station, you’ll go upside down in a corkscrew, which every thrill seeker loves!

4. Tennessee Tornado

As the first major roller coaster at Dollywood, the Tennessee Tornado is a classic ride for repeat visitors. You’ll climb the hill and turn into a 128-foot drop. Then you’ll roll into multiple loop de loops, creating the feeling you’ve been swept up into a tornado! This roller coaster reaches speeds of 70 miles per hour, appealing to the roller coaster lover in you. This is one ride you’ll want to go on over and over again!

5. Lightning Rod

lightning rod roller coaster at dollywoodDesigned after a classic hot rod, the Lightning Rod roller coaster launches you to 45 miles per hour in 20 stories. At the top of the hill, you’ll fall down the 165-foot drop. You’ll reach a top speed of 73 miles per hour, the fastest speed for a wooden roller coaster in the world. The car turns almost sideways on many portions of the track, which is sure to get your heart pounding and satisfying the thrill seeker in you!

Almost all of the roller coasters at Dollywood require riders to be at least 48 inches tall, except the Wild Eagle, where you must be 50 inches tall. Any roller coaster enthusiast will love riding these thrillers. Since you know what rides you want to go on at Dollywood, look through our cabins and book one today!